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If you look at any horse racing tipster on twitter, you're likely to see figures that will make your mouth water

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The Introduction

If you look at any horse racing tipster on twitter, you’re likely to see figures that will make your mouth water.

If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

I’ve followed GF Horse Racing Tips (GF from here onwards) for a while on twitter, and would from time to time see their tweets of huge wins from small stakes, £20 to £500 for example. These were retweets from happy members or themselves tweeting a winning bet. I grew intrigued and the price was £7 p/m (at the time, it is now £10 p/m) so I decided to give it a go.

The link for their p/l sheet has been removed from their twitter bio, replaced by saying that it’s available on request. I’ve heard from earlier and longer-time members that the link used to be available in the members area too but has since been removed. I can’t confirm this as I have left the members area.

Make of that what you will, moving on…

(p.s. there’s a special treat in the form of a YouTube video at the end of this review and quite a few of his members seem to be getting fed up)

The Twitter DM

I messaged GF, I first wanted to know why their P/L hadn’t been updated for a while.

I was told they needed to update their P/L link but that they’d send me a copy which they did, unfortunately I don’t have it anymore. I wasn’t planning on writing this review at the time and I can’t remember much about it.

GF gave me quite a bit of information about his VIP, here are the main points:

  • Uses the Slack app to post tips.
  • Lots of tips get shared by members in a chat channel.
  • 100+ points of profit since October 2016.
  • There’s also a football tips channel.

I had a few questions which GF were kind enough to answer:

Q: Were the points profit just from GF’s tips are from those members shared tips they mentioned to?
A: Only from GF’s horse tips.

Q: Do they post members winnings bets on twitter as advertisement when they were not tipped.
A: No.

It was also pointed out that the football had a separate P/L, which was great as I was only interested in the horse bets.

I signed up the next day on 13th May.

The Slack Group

For those who don’t know what slack is, it’s a communication (chat) tool built primary for business where you can have different “channels” or “groups” that people can use to discuss things relevant to that channel’s topic.

Personally I love Slack so was happy to see a tipster taking advantage of it.

There was a channel for chat, football tips, horse tips, hotpicks and tip history.

Anybody could post in chat, I turned off notifications for it straight away as, and not trying to offend anyone in there, but people wouldn’t stop talking plus that’s not what I was there for.

GF would post his horse picks in the horse tips channel, nobody else could post in there to keep it clean. The hotpicks channel, as far as I could understand it, were for tips that GF was less confident in. I was told these had a separate P/L.

At the end of each day he would move the tips posted in the horse tips channel and put them in tip history as to keep a running record.

The Horse Tips

What I learned quickly was that if you want to bet on horses, not only do you need to have a bankroll that can sustain the losses but you also need to very disciplined in your staking because you may (depending on the tipster, of course) be placing bet types such as Yankees or Lucky15’s where your stake gets multiplied many times especially when you use the each way option.

I was just starting out, and I didn’t want to potentially waste a whole lot of money so I used a stake of 5p.

Yes 5p. £0.05. Never let any fucker try to shame you for your stake, it’s not important. ROI is the most important measurement. I’ve seen this happen on twitter and it makes my blood boil, just had to make the point.

Even with 5p stakes the actual amount placed would multiple because of the bet types so I could be betting 70p or a few quid. Also the potential returns were quite high because of the high odds nature of the bets.

Profit / Loss

As I mentioned before, unfortunately I hadn’t thought about reviewing tipsters when I signed up for GF. Because of that I didn’t keep a P/L for long. This screenshot may show you why I got so disheartened.

I stopped placing the bets about a week and a half after I signed up. I was loosing my entire bankroll that I set aside just for GF. I know that with betting you have losses but the win rate were was so appalling I couldn’t bring myself to keep placing the bets. I wish I had the win rate percentage.

So instead I kept an eye on what was going on and began to pick up on a few things:

  • The chat group, where all members can talk and is very active, is in my opinion responsible for shushing the fact that there were so many losses.
  • It seemed obvious to me that people were willing to put up with the low win rate because when a win did come along, it was usually a very big one that had the potential to recoup your losses and provide quite a bit of profit on top.

Let’s discuss these in more detail…

The Chat Group

I don’t want to offend any of the members in the chat group, and I’m not trying to review them; but what you often find with tipsters is that can build up a culture around them that is carried by a few loyal fans/members.

I noticed this pretty quickly in GF’s group. The thing is, when there were losses, and when there were a lot of losses, there would be a lot of jokes made. It would become a laugh, with GF commenting from time to time saying a big winner was bound to happen soon.

This can be intimidating for new members or less active ones who feel they can’t criticise. I certainly felt like that at one point which I’ll explain later on.

Low Win Rate but High Returns?

I signed up on the 13th May. I left the slack group last week of my own will, I only paid once. I think I’d been left alone and not asked to pay again because results had been so bad during that time. There were no big winners and if there was a win it could just about cover losses or help recoup some.

I’ve come to the personal opinion that though I do believe GF has some horse racing knowledge, quite a few people could do what he does.

What I mean by this, is go many weeks placing bets without winning much if any at all, and then hit a big winner.

I can’t dispute GF’s purported P/L before I joined so maybe something changed that I’m not aware of. I have heard off longtime members through a mutual acquaintance that they don’t put as much time into their picks anymore and things like that, unfortunately I can’t say either way on this.

Time for the bad shit ?

I know this is what you’re really here for, sorry for keeping you waiting for so long…

As I kept an eye on GF’s Slack group and Twitter I became quite annoyed by a few things which excluding everything else if I had known beforehand I wouldn’t have signed up:

1. Posting tips in the horse tips channel, then later deleting them and replacing them with other tips.

This was at a time when I was placing the bets, and I had placed the deleted bets. If I had time to do it then certainly did other members.
There was absolutely no mention of these deleted tips, it’s like it never happened. They were not placed into the tip history. This is what I was talking about earlier when I said I felt like I couldn’t criticise in the chat group.

I did though, I posted in the chat group and I DM’s GF about it. I never heard back from GF about it, though they did post the tips in the tip history in the form of the screenshot I had DM’d them, this really didn’t sit well with me as I’m fairly certain if I had said nothing then it would have been treated like they were never posted.

2. Posting tips as a trixie or a treble, then later on changing the same tip to a different bet type e.g. patent.

This obviously isn’t as bad as flat out deleting tips, but it’s still quite concerning as different bet types can have different odds and different returns / chances of recouping original stake.

3. “Booming” winning bets on Twitter that aren’t actually winners or not advised bets.

I made a mention of this in my last review about Hits4HorseFootyTips.

On many occasions, GF would post winning horses on twitter. It’s a marketing method to get new members and make it look like his tips are winning often. Unfortunately that isn’t the case.

These horses that GF would post as winners, are just one part of a multiple bet. Therefore it is completely irrelevant if that horse won and the rest of the horses on that bet lost. The bet still lost and that horse winnings doesn’t result in any profit.

Likewise, I noticed that GF also boomed winning slips that they didn’t tip. For example: On the 23rd May GF posted a winning bet slip. The selections on the bet slip were horses he had tipped, but the problem here was that he had put them together in a multiple bet that he didn’t tip or share with his members. Therefore it is incredibly unlikely that any member would have had the same bet or made any profit from that.

Stuff like this really is ? and it’s only done to trick punters into thinking there’s loads of winning bets and money to be made so that they sign up.


Bonus Treat: A YouTube Video!

I did not make this video. It was made by another member of GF’s that grew tired of what has been going on and decided to take action themselves. Kudos to them! They had been a member for 6 months so have a much more solid understanding of the long term goings on than I do.

Some of the main points covered in this video:

  • Very lucky bets saving very bad months.
  • Inconsistent use of hotpicks tips in P/L resulting in a less than honest P/L sheet.
  • Constant changes in types of bets.
  • GF doesn’t handle criticism well (bodes well for me and this review!)
  • Booming non-winners on twitter (as mentioned above).


Conclusion & Verdict

I don’t agree with a lot of what GF does, especially those last few points I made. And ignoring everything else, I can’t recommend him based on those last 3 points alone.

What I would say is that if you do get drawn in by seeing a big winner being posted you damned well better have a big and solid bankroll that can survive a very low win rate and also be willing to sacrifice it in the hopes GF will hit the jackpot winner whilst you’re a member.

I’d also like to say now that I expect some backlash from this review. I’ve seen GF posting about other people criticising him to his members basically asking them to go and give them grief so I wouldn’t be surprised if the same happens with me. Well you know where I am.

  • Do they keep a satisfactory profit & loss sheet? 40%
  • Do they back their own tips and show proof? 20%
  • Do they suggest tips based on a bankroll system? 100%

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