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If you’ve been on any tipsters twitter (with a few exceptions) you already know what I’m talking about.

It’s like a plague. This incessant need to celebrate every winning bet like you’ve just won the lottery.

I’m of the opinion that it is actually a real problem, especially for new punters who are following the first tipster they come across on twitter.

The scenario is the same no matter how experienced you are in the world of twitter tipsters:

You come across a page where the tipster is tweeting “booooooooom” celebrating a bet, along with several retweets of the same thing from followers.

You think “wow this tipster must be good”, and any thoughts you may have had of looking for a profit & loss sheet disappear from your mind and you may even end up joining their (because no doubt they have one) VIP.

Booms are masks ?

Seriously. When you see a hundred booms on a tipsters page you should ask yourself what are they hiding?

More often than not that “BOOM” is hiding a low odds winner, imagine seeing a few “BOOMS” for bets at 1.3. You would need 4 winning 1.3 bets to cover 1 loss.

But here’s the problem: you don’t see the losses, you only see the “booms” because a tipster will make sure that’s all you see – it’s good for business and drawing people into paying them for VIP.

Booms don’t last, Profit & Loss does

Actually making money and profiting from gambling is extremely difficult. “Booming” a few tips on twitter takes away from the reality of that.

You will see people “boom” a 1.5 winner, then lose a bet or two, then have another 1.5 winner and “boom” it all over again with 20 ?? emoji’s even though they haven’t actually made any money. It’s an illusion they’ve been dragged into by the tipster and they go along with because they aren’t actually thinking for themselves and they don’t have a P/L to show them otherwise.

I’m not saying don’t get excited about winners, obviously you should be happy when you win a bet – but you should also try to stay as realistic as possible and be aware of your situation in terms of if you are actually making progress.

Profiting from gambling is a long-term game. It is not an overnight money maker.

The only way you’ll actually know if you are making progress and money gambling is if you keep a Profit & Loss sheet and keep it updated. It can be a chore, especially if you hit a losing streak – but it is a must. And equally when you hit a few winners it’s a great feeling to actually see the numbers on paper (or screen).

If you must “BOOM”, then it should really be done at the end of a week or better yet, month, when you actually know that you are winning in the long-term.

If you don’t have a P/L – please take a look at ours we have made available for anyone to make use of.


And if you want a perfect example of how “BOOMS” mask the reality of a tipster’s Profit & Loss please check out our most recent (at the time of writing this) review which proves it in detail:

Fulchy’s Footy Tips (@fulchyfootytips) Review

  1. Bobby Beats says

    What winds me up is when Tipsters say “looking for the next bet”, clearly they’re just going to find any old crap bet to tweet with no proper research

    1. CJ says

      True, a lot of “tipsters” just go looking at inplay stats and base their tips off of that – which literally any person can do.

  2. Bobby Beats says

    LandofInPlay is terrible for these tactics. Also his P&L conveniently only starts from recently… any trace of the last bad few months losses has been erased.

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