BetSmarter Ultimate Profit & Loss Spreadsheet

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Some History

Ever since I got into betting, I’ve enjoyed creating spreadsheets to track my bets and the constant tinkering to track more data or discover more analysis.

I have released several Profit & Loss spreadsheets over that time in an effort to help (and encourage) people to track their own betting. Yes it can take time, but I believe it is one of the most important habits you must form if you want to be successful and actually make money from betting. Betting should be treated as an investment and I’d argue even further that it should be treated as a business.

If you don’t track your Profit & Loss, you cannot possible know if overall, you are making a return on your investment. And neither can any tipster that doesn’t keep one or tries to tell you otherwise.

The New Sheet

So, after 2 years of tinkering, I now bring you the most advanced and complex Profit & Loss spreadsheet I’ve ever released.

Currently there is only a Google Sheets version. An Excel version is coming, I will post an update on Twitter when that’s available.

Here is a summary of it’s features:

  • Track your bookmaker and overall bankroll balances
  • Track exchange commission with rates set by you
  • Set point values by tipster and month
  • Track free bets
  • Track deposits, withdrawals and transfers
  • Track tipster subscriptions and their net profits
  • View and analyse drawdown data for your tipsters
  • View summaries of your bankroll’s performance by day, week, month and year
  • Analyse your bets performance with many different filters that can be applied individually or combined:
    • Quick dates (today, yesterday, past week etc.)
    • Month & Year or Specific Dates from calendar
    • By Tipster
    • By Bookie
    • By Sport
    • By Bet Type
    • By Bet Attribute
  • View graphs (that can be filtered by date):
    • Running total for your complete bankroll
    • Running total for your tipsters

Examples & How to Use

Using dummy data, I will go through each major part of the spreadsheet here to show you how it works and how to use it.

Important to note is that several of the sheets have a “calculations switch” which can be set to on or off, this is so that you can stop certain sheets formulas from running if you want to as if they are all on at the same time the sheet will be even slower than normal. I would suggest only turning on the sheets that you are using at the time. This is the best way to handle any speed issues.

If you read through this part or not, you MUST still read the instructions that are on the spreadsheet for you!

The Data Sheet

This sheet is simply where you enter your bookies, tipsters, sports etc. that you will use throughout your spreadsheet and when entering bets. You can also enter commission rates here if applicable to any exchanges you use.

Bet Attributes can be anything that you want to track as an extra specific data point, e.g. Ante-post or World Cup bets.

Point Values

This sheet is where you can set what 1pt is equal to in £ to any specific tipster, and for any specific month. The Bets sheet will then use these values and if not set, will use the ‘Default Point Value’ which can be found at the top of the Bets sheet.

BR Management

This is where you can see the balance of your entire bankroll and also separated by each individual bookie you have.

The 3 most important metrics on this sheet are:

  • Net Deposits
    • The difference between your withdrawals and deposits, a negative figure is what you want to see here.
  • Net Profit
    • Your profit for the bookie – any deposits you have made
  • Profit & Loss – self explanatory

Of course you can see a lot more on this sheet, it is also where you enter any free bets you have and view all of your deposits, withdrawals and transfers (note: these are entered directly onto the Bets sheet).


Aside from the Bets sheet itself, this is the most complicated part of this spreadsheet. Here you can really dig into your bets to analyse what is working and what isn’t, what tipsters are profitable for example and you can be as specific as you like with any of the filters including the date options.

First you pick from the Main Filter, this is the data all of the other filters will apply to. You can choose from Tipster, Bookie, Sport, Bet Type and Bet Attribute.

Then you pick the date you want to filter by. You have 3 options here. You can choose a ‘Quick Date’ which has options such as Today, Yesterday, Past Week etc. or you can choose either the ‘Month & Year’ or ‘Specific Dates’ option.

If you choose ‘Month & Year’ then you can select this below the quick date option, if you choose ‘Specific Dates’ then you can choose a start and end date with a calendar.

Once you have chosen your dates, you can then go even further and select to show results for a specific Tipster, Bookie, Sport, Bet Type or Bet Attribute. You can set them individually or combine multiple options to really dig in.

For example if I followed a tipster that tipped football and tennis, along with bet types ranging from singles to accas, then I could set the Main Filter to Sport and set the Tipster filter to be this tipster. I would then see how their bets performed by Football and Tennis. I could go one step further and set the Bet Type to only show their single bets.

There are many different ways you can analyse your bets with these filters, and I encourage you to try various combinations you can use to analyse your results.

There are also tables to view all bet outcomes, stats by time placed, low/high balances for each month of the year, and also a 3rd graph that shows profit & loss to whatever you have selected as the Main Filter.

Running Totals

This sheet is responsible for the Complete Bankroll and Tipster Running Totals charts you see on the Stats sheet. It also uses the Dates that you set on the Stats sheet.

There are 10 ready-made tables for you to enter the name of the Tipsters that you want to see running totals for. If you want any more than this, you will need to add new tables yourself.


What is a ‘Drawdown’?

A drawdown is the decrease in your bankroll from its high point. So for example if you reached a high point of 30pts with a tipster and they then went on a losing run to 10pts, this would be a 20pt drawdown.

This is a feature that you should use to help improve your betting mentality. Drawdowns in betting are a fact of life. They will happen and they can happen regularly. You can use this sheet to view a tipsters drawdown data for a specific date including their Max Drawdown, Longest Losing and Longest Winning Runs.

You can also see the data in a chart to help you visualise it.

Bankroll Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly

Important Note: These sheets all have their individual Calculation Switch, but for any of the Weekly, Monthly or Yearly sheets to work the Daily sheet’s Calculation Switch must be on.

These sheets are there to offer you perspective, and as with the Drawdowns sheet, strengthen your betting mentality.

You will have several days in a row when you end at a loss, which many people struggle with and this is when they make silly decisions. Monthly and Yearly are the most important to look at here. You might look at the Daily or Weekly sheets and see a lot of red, but hopefully when you look at the bigger picture, Monthly and Yearly, you will see that the general direction you are heading in is a positive one.


The meat of the spreadsheet, this is of course where you enter all of your bets (as well as any deposits, withdrawals, subscriptions or transfers).

In order to track bets correctly, every column left of the bet result (column S) needs to be filled in. If you don’t have a bet attribute for a particular bet, you must use the default dash (-).

For deposits, withdrawals and transfers fill in the date, bookie, bet attribute, description (optional) and enter the £ amount directly into the £ staked column. Clear every other column including ‘?’ for the result.

For tipster subscriptions, fill in the date, tipster, bet attribute and the subscription amount directly into the £ staked column. Clear every other column including ‘?’ for the result.

If for whatever reason you need to adjust the return of the bet result, ONLY change the ‘£ Return’ column value – everything else will be calculated for you from this.

Give it to me

Some notices first..!

First make a copy of this sheet to use it!
On a computer: File > Make a copy
Phone: Menu > Share & Export > Make a copy
DO NOT request access to the sheet as that isn’t the same as make copy, and you will be ignored.
READ the instructions sheet fully. This spreadsheet has many extremely complex formulas and if you don’t follow the instructions then things won’t work for you. If you come to me for help and it’s quite clear you haven’t read the instructions then I likely won’t help you. If you have read the instructions and believe to have done everything correctly and think you have found a genuine issue, then please get in touch.

Ok here you go… enjoy!

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  4. Sam says

    Spreadsheet is brilliant, I’ve read thoroughly and am using it for Horse Racing primarily.
    I’ve noticed that Placed does not update and still counts as a loss, are you aware of this or is there a workaround?
    Many thanks

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