Ultimate Betting Tracker Update – 3 New Versions

  1. Arran says

    Love the slim version of the tracker, great work. Only issue is when I’m logging on my mobile is really laggy, probably due to using Google sheets instead of Excel.

    Ever considered an Excel version at all? I’ve tried converting, but some of the formulas don’t convert properly…

    Anyway, just a thought 🙂

    1. CJ says

      Hi Arran, thanks for the comment. I’m glad you like the updates 🙂 and yes unfortunately it will be laggy on a phone because it’s still got a lot of formulas, even in the slim version.

      A few people have asked about Excel, I’m not sure if it would help on mobile, and no it won’t work because Google Sheets and Excel use different formulas from what I’ve seen – but if I ever have a free weekend I might try to make an excel version.

    2. CJ says

      Hi Arran, an update for you:

      I’ll be releasing a new version soon, the initial release will be Google Sheets but I am working on an Excel version that will be out shortly after ????

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