Fulchy’s Footy Tips (@fulchyfootytips) Review

So here it is, our first football tipster review. I was hoping it would be a good one from what I had heard from someone who followed me for a while, but unfortunately he must have seen something else.

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Who is Fulchy?

Fulchy is one of the now thousands of inplay “tipsters” that occupy twitter. He has a free page, @FulchyFootyTips, where he puts out free tips quite regularly. He also has a VIP page, @FulchyVIP.

At the time of writing this Fulchy has 3,383 followers on his free page and 423 followers on his VIP.

Fulchy posts mainly inplay tips, with some pre-match bets thrown in on his VIP in an effort to differentiate it from his free page. When I signed up he charged £10 per month for VIP, but as I understand it he used to charge lifetime and the payment system is now changing again soon (more on that later).

Why would I join?

If you look at Fulchy’s free page, you’ll see instantly that it appears to be a constant stream of “BOOOOOOOOM” tweets from followers. It’s a tactic that sadly many VIP tipsters employ. It’s even sadder the amount of people booming these tips.

I’m going to expand on this point with a proper article soon but it applies here so I’ll summarise:

Actually profiting from gambling is a long-term game and extremely difficult. If you must “boom” and act like you’ve just won a million quid, then do it at the end of the day, week or month when you are sure that you are in profit – not after winning a 1.4 tip.

I know it’s easy to get sucked in by seeing this. When I first started betting and before I knew any better I did it and joined some VIP tipsters because from the outside, on their free page, it looked like they were always winning money and profiting.

Unfortunately Fulchy (or fortunate for him, however you want to look at it) doesn’t keep a profit & loss sheet. This means it’s actually impossible to know if he is actually making a profit like it looks like. This goes for any tipster that doesn’t have a profit & loss sheet available for you to look at.

The Tips

I have tracked EVERY single tip from Fulchy’s both free and VIP pages since I joined in the 2nd week of July. I probably know Fulchy’s results better than he does right now.

The one good thing is Fulchy advises a stake on his VIP tips (not on his free page) that range between 1 and 3 from the time I was in there. Most of his VIP tips are advised 1 point but there were a few 2 point stakes thrown in too.

Here are some facts from the profit & loss sheet from the whole month:


  • 263 total tips, an average of 8.48 tips per day
    • 153 tips won
    • 99 tips lost
    • 11 tips were refunds
  • 58.17% win rate
  • 352.40 points staked
  • 326.51 points returned
  • 25.89 points loss
  • ROI of – 7.35%
  • Average odds of 1.61


  • 216 total tips, an average of 6.96 tips per day
    • 146 tips won
    • 64 tips lost
    • 6 tips were refunds
  • 67.59% win rate
  • 274.30 points staked
  • 288.10 points returned
  • + 13.80 points profit
  • ROI of + 5.03%
  • Average odds of 1.67

There’s a few things to point out from these results:

  • Fulchy posts a lot of tips. Some days there can be close to 20. The problem with this is it’s harder to manage your bankroll and may not be worth it.
  • Fulchy, for the past month at least, has actually performed much better on his free page. It would have actually paid to not join his VIP.

Let’s talk about the odds

On his free page Fulchy’s lowest odds tip was 1.35, on his VIP page it was 1.28. These are incredibly low odds to be tipping and betting at. If you placed a few bets at around these odds and lost one – you would instantly lose any profit you may have made and be at a loss.

Unfortunately, tipping at these low odds isn’t a rare occurrence for Fulchy.

  • 59 of Fulchy’s VIP tips had odds of below 1.5 when tipped.
  • 57 of Fulchy’s free tips had odds of below 1.5 when tipped.

With these low odds tips would usually come the tweet following the bet “get on at odds you like”, “wait for odds” or “I’m too busy at the moment get on at odds you like”.

Across his free and VIP pages Fulchy made these kind of tweet 51 times.

I asked him once when he said “wait for odds” what he meant, at what odds were his followers suppose to take the bet? He never replied.

Regardless of these odds, and no matter how quick the bet won (if it won) after tipping it, Fulchy would be sure to post a big “BOOOOOOOOOM” in celebration, even for those 1.3x tips.

It wasn’t all low odds though, and on occasion I was actually surprised by the odds Fulchy tipped at. Besides a couple of accas, Fulchy did post a few single bets around the 2.0 mark on both his free and VIP pages.

This is also why his apparently high win rate means nothing. If Fulchy tipped games closer to 2.0 odds or if you managed to get on his tips at higher odds it could be a completely different story here but unfortunately with such low odds a 60% win rate doesn’t matter.

So why is he losing?

If it wasn’t apparent from the above, the simple answer is the low odds. Fulchy does have the ability to get into a good run of bets. On his VIP page in my review time he managed a maximum run of 5 wins in a row and on his free page it was 9.

Hitting runs like that is difficult, it could be argued that Fulchy hit them because of the low odds he tips at, but whatever the case – the unfortunate thing is when tipping at low odds 1 or 2 losses can wipe out your profit.

Let’s take a look at how many days Fulchy was in profit vs at a loss in the 31 day period:


  • 11 Days in profit
    • Of these 11 days, 5 days were less than 1pt profit
  • 20 Days at a loss


  • 15 Days in profit
    • Of these 15 days, 3 days were less than 1pt profit
  • 16 Days at a loss
Can you now see why the appearance that Fulchy is drowning in BoomTown is complete bullshit?

Who fancies a challenge?

Of all the 100’s of bets Fulchy placed, he tried a few challenges along the way – actually completing a £25 – £100 on his free page with another tipster, @SecretsTlPS

Besides that winning roller, Fulchy attempted and lost 9 other rollers on his free page and 5 on his VIP page.

And as with almost every other tipster out there, Fulchy doesn’t recommend banking your original stake to play the roller safely. Instead he just wants to finish it as soon as possible. There were a few rollers where Fulchy reached bet 3 and could easily have said

“Ok, let’s bank our original £25 and roll the rest risk free!”

But nope. None of that, and as a result a lot of punters could have lost a lot of money, unless they were smart enough to do it themselves.

VIP Sales and A Changing ‘Business’ Model

If you scroll down Fulchy’s free page you may notice that sometimes he does “offers” for his VIP account. These are usually marketed as offering membership as a lifetime membership saying that their usually monthly or a discounted lifetime membership.

I noticed that he offered these quite regularly, despite often saying at the same time he hardly makes these offers available. Unfortunately I didn’t count them from the beginning and right now I can only go back as far as the 24th July.

Since then, 18 days ago, Fulchy has done 12 sales of his VIP. Several times when he posted a VIP offer on his free page saying how great VIP is, his VIP was actually at a loss on the very same day, examples being:

  • 10th August: -0.8pt loss
  • 3rd August: -5.5pt loss
  • 1st August: -2.5pt loss
  • 30th July: -1.7pt loss
  • 28th July: -0.3pt loss
  • 27th July: -4.4pt loss
  • 24th July: -1.5pt loss
Seven… 7 out of the last 12 sales of VIP Fulchy has offered he has been at a loss on his VIP page.

Changing Business Model

From what I understand, Fulchy used to charge a lifetime fee for his VIP. At somepoint before I signed up for this review he switched to monthly.

Around early August Fulchy made an announcement that he would be going back to lifetime membership fees as he was going to be starting a new business soon and didn’t want to or have time to keep track of monthly payments. Unfortunately I didn’t take a screenshot and he seems to have deleted the tweet.

He claimed that nothing would change on his free or VIP pages. But come on… if you are starting a business you wont have the time to thoroughly research and tip 10-20 games a day… unless you’re basing your decisions off the inplay stats on any given bookie of course.

I also have my doubts that this is his reason for going from monthly fees back to lifetime. If you have read everything up to this point, I hope you would be thinking the same as me which is that Fulchy realises people may be unlikely to renew and so getting £25+ per person for lifetime may land him with more money for his efforts.


This is something I want to write an article on separately, so I’ll keep it short here. On a few occasions, Fulchy posted bets that he fancied but didn’t actually tip them which is clear as he has a certain format to his tips.

It pisses me off because if these “suggestions” lose you wont hear anything, but if they win you’ll get the BOOOOOOOOOM tweet.

They are more suggestions than tips. I’ll post two examples as I don’t want to spam this review with pictures.

I want to make a special note about that 2nd example, where Fulchy says he hates tipping the same game…

He quite often tips a game on VIP and then tips the same game but a different bet on his free page…

You can decide for yourself your opinion on these non-tips, at the very least I don’t think they should be included in P/L. I ran the following poll on Twitter about this and the majority agree that they are not actual tips.

Asking for a Refund

Pinned to the top of Fulchy’s free page was the following tweet from the 16th January:

Update! This tweet was pinned to his free page, after I had the following DM with him he has unpinned it…

So as you can imagine, I messaged him to ask him for a refund. An hour passed with no reply – meanwhile Fulchy was posting bets, so I messaged him again and then I had a reply.

I think I’ve already proven that Fulchy’s VIP was not in profit, far from it so let’s examine the other two points.

His 2nd point is quite defensive and putting the blame on the member (me in this case). His 3rd point well, why would I want “lifetime” membership after everything I’ve said here?

Unfortunately for Fulchy, he wasn’t aware of who he was actually speaking to – and that I have tracked every single one of his bets.

So I told him he wasn’t in profit. That I tracked every single bet, he asked to see it so I sent him a copy. Then he really made me laugh…

Before seeing my P/L, Fulchy told me that he doesn’t count challenge/roller bets on his P/L.

Challenges are ALWAYS separate. And are for every tipster. So I’ll be calculating that.

This really did make me laugh. Fine ok he can claim he doesn’t track them, but to claim that absolutely EVERY SINGLE TIPSTER doesn’t track challenge bets on Twitter is just laughable. Does he write the unwritten laws of twitter tipsters?

I told him that challenge bets are still bets, and are still money being taken from a members bankroll – at the very least if he doesn’t think they should be counted he should say that when he does him.

Honestly I think he was trying to save himself as mentioned above he had lost quite a few challenges. Unfortunately it didn’t and his P/L was still -20pts.

I asked Fulchy if he keeps a P/L. He told me yes but it’s his “personal one”, whatever that means. He also said it has the free page mixed in with the VIP page’s tips. Not making it easy for himself to see if VIP is in profit… if his P/L sheet actually exists.

Fulchy if you’re reading this here’s a tip: separate your free and VIP P/L sheets and make them public… do you have a reason not to?

Fulchy told me he was out so would check my P/L in the morning and decide if it was done properly – whatever that means – and if it was I would 100% get a refund.

I even sent him a copy with his challenge bets taken out for convenience.

Fulchy didn’t get back to me so I messaged him. He said he couldn’t even be bothered to look at my P/L so he’d rather just refund me.

I offered to cross-check my P/L with his but that was ignored, I don’t believe he keeps one. Fulchy sent me my refund so I appreciate that…

Here are screenshots of the entire DM if you’d like to see for yourself.

Is Fulchy Worth It?

In my opinion – no. But let’s get into this a bit.

If you are going to pay any tipster for tips (I’m actually not against it if they are good enough), you HAVE to factor in the cost of their service into your bankroll.

Fulchy was charging £10 p/m when I signed up. For the month now he has a -25.89pts loss.

For examples sake lets say 1pt is £1. That means your bankroll would have had a loss of £25.89. But also you’ve paid Fulchy £10 for the month, so you’ve really lost £35.89.

If you ever join a VIP tipster you should consider the above and decide how much profit you want to make from them to make their membership fee worth it.

Extra Extra!

Just thought I’d share this screenshot from one of the last days I followed Fulchy, I’m glad it’s not just me that figured it out.

Update: Fulchy’s Response

Fulchy DM’d me via his VIP account to respond to the review, starting things off with

Hi I just read the review about me and there are so many things wrong with it that’s it’s quite amusing to read.

The sad thing here is that this review is largely statistic based off of his P/L for the month that I was a member. They are facts, and can’t be argued with.

Fulchy’s first point of defence:

1) I never tip at low odds, what me and my followers have always had an understanding is, I post the tip early so that people can get it ready and find it. I post it when it’s around 2/5 – 4/9 HOWEVER I’ve always said to never get on below 1/2.

How can he even say that? As explained above the lowest odds tipped on his free page were 1.35 and on his VIP was an even lower 1.28.

Now, as I also said in the review, Fulchy would quite often say something along the lines of “get on at odds you like”. However he never once, when I was a member at least, said not to get on a tip if it was below 1.5 (1/2 as a fraction). I even asked him once what he meant and he never replied, that’s not really a great understanding with your followers.

His next two points were basically the same thing:

2) if you want a fully accurate review at least do it when the season starts and you can show your capability to its full potential.

3) review me properly and you’ll see proper results. Do it now the seasons started and take into account what I told you about odds, I even had a follower who follows ALL my VIP tips say this today, and it’s because he has the understanding of the odds and has been with me a long time.

What Fulchy is basically doing here is using the time of year as some kind of excuse for his results. I’ve already written about this in an article but to summarise:

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. If a tipster is tipping a match, they should have done just as much research into it and have just as much confidence in the tip as they do for any other game at any time of the year. Blaming the time of year is a cop-out.

Are Tipster Reviews and Profit/Loss Sheets Useless?

Fulchy’s last point of defence was to ask if I was including challenges in his P/L:
I’m no mug, and there’s a reason why I get a lot of interaction with not as many followers as others, also are you counting challenges into profit? Because I’ve NEVER done that. Challenge are for the side, win or lose.

If Fulchy had actually read the review, he would know that I already went over this and even with taking his 14 total failed challenges out he would have still been at a -20pt loss. And to reiterate:

A challenge bet is still money that is being taken from a followers bankroll (unless they have a separate one for such things) and is still being tipped. Unless you specify that it’s for “fun” and wouldn’t be included in P/L then why shouldn’t it be?

Oh and also, when I was a member, Fulchy never said challenges wouldn’t be included in P/L, neither has he shown any signs of even having a P/L.

Lasty Fulchy sent me a screenshot of a tweet from one of his followers:

Let’s try and break down these supposed results:

$25.95 staked and $175 returned. If this were true, that is truly an amazing result. Here’s the problem:

Fulchy’s VIP tips are at an average odds of 1.61. Let’s assume this guy staked $5-ish on each bet to make it 5 bets won. He would have had to have got on Fulchy’s tips at odds of 7.0 or 8/1 to get the returned amount he is claiming from just $25 staked.

I obviously don’t know the guy, so can’t say he is lying or telling the truth. But from what I know of Fulchy after tracking every single one of his tips for 31 days straight is that I find this to be incredibly unlikely.

That is all Fulchy sent me but I decided to look at the thread of this tweet and this follower also said this:

The follower is claiming Fulchy has a win rate of 87% over the week he claims the above ROI. The problem with that is it’s a week. As you would have seen above in my review over the month it was 58%, and it ended up mattering very little.

I replied to Fulchy basically saying everything above, you can see a full screenshot of the DM here:

It’s ok for Fulchy to have the last word in the DM’s, as this review will be here for many years to come so that punters know the truth… and also it seems as though Fulchy is going to start keeping a P/L so that’s an added bonus! ?

  • Do they keep a satisfactory profit & loss sheet? 0%
  • Do they back their own tips and show proof? 10%
  • Do they suggest tips based on a bankroll system? 50%
  1. Eliza says

    That’s gas. Joined free and Vip lifetime and unfollowed this morning before your review?

    1. CJ says

      Haha nice coincidence there ?

  2. […] Fulchy’s Footy Tips (@fulchyfootytips) Review […]

  3. James says

    Thank you for this. Greatly insightful.

    1. CJ says

      Glad you liked it thanks James.

  4. TwitterUser says

    You seriously need to review a guy called Owen and his LandofInPlay / VIP pages, he has no profit and loss on his massivefreebets website VIP section for the last few months as it’s been losing on and off. He waits until his old bets on twitter are archived and then claims he was in profit, with no refund offered despite promising this at the time of sign up. A total fraud.

    1. CJ says

      Thanks, I’ll add him to the list ?

  5. Josh says

    Hey man,

    I took the time to read through this review (I consider it an achievement, as it’s quite long compared to the usual review you would expect). I actually loved it and I feel so confirmed in my own opinion. I’ve been a guy that has been trying out multiple twitter tipsters, both free and “vip”.
    I don’t have any money issues, so I was up to ~50-60 paid guys at the same time, back when I had the motivation to keep track.

    Joined fulchy somewhere in early/mid 2016 and always had the exact same feelings about him, that you write here. He then disappeared into nowhere for months and came back. I was hoping another took over the account but sadly not. He is posting odds at ~1.5 at least 95% of the time and is prolly one of the worst “vip” tipsters that I’ve joined out of the 70+ guys.

    Glad I’m not that stupid and my opinion gets matched here. 🙂

  6. Josh says

    By the way, I’m really looking forward to more reviews (I know they will take time as you do them thoroughly). Really enjoy reading it. 😉

    1. CJ says

      Thanks Josh, I appreciate it and I know it is a rather long review I find it hard to write short content ?
      You’re not alone – a few people have come out and said the same things about him since the review.

      Also, I know you said you don’t have money issues – but I’d still say following so many tipsters is incredibly detrimental. Ideally you should follow 5 tipsters tips maximum, I’ll be writing an article about this sometime ?

  7. Josh says

    I didn’t really follow/tail them, but I was curious who was actually good and who was bad. Sadly almost everyone was kinda bad or shady (no P/L, deleting losses, betting awful odds, doing 5-10 inplays during the same game, posting 50+ bets a day, blindly betting overs on every game possible on bet365, even if its 12 year olds, and the list goes on and on).

    Started it to maybe spot the few good tipsters, and during my time I did find a few that are both nice, profitable and some even free. But the amount of retards (and I picked that word to be nice here) is just immense. After a few months I realised that this was just way too much to keep up with and simply abandoned the main idea and went back to betting NFL and NBA.

    But its always a pleasure seeing “tipsters” getting exposed, as they dont see it on their own. Mostly because they either dont bet the stuff they advice or they dont run a P/L sheet to see how devastating their way of betting is.

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