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I want to preface this by noting that this review may not be that well structured, not only because it is the first review I’m doing but also because this review is based more on the tipster’s attitude than profit.

About Hits4HorseFootyTips

Hits4HorseFootyTips (H4HFT from this point on) currently has 9,875 followers as I write this, so I may get some heat for this review. Their VIP page has just 35 followers though, so make of that what you will.

I was lured into following H4HFT just as you are any other, someone I follow retweeted and/or recommended them commending their supposed success.

Now, you shouldn’t automatically follow every single “tipster” someone recommends and I hardly ever do, but I’ll admit here I was drawn by the rather large figures being thrown about.

If you just take a look at H4HFT’s twitter bio:

“Profits from 2014 to 2016 £54k”

That’s a huge claim. I saw some bet slips to back up these claims, so I decided to give H4HFT a go.

Signing up to VIP

VIP is £10 per month through PayPal. It was a bit of a rough experience to start off with as I sent 3 screenshots as proof of my payment: the PayPal Receipt, the PayPal email and another screen in PayPal showing the transaction. Even with these I was told H4HFT couldn’t find me on his records. Alarm bells started ringing, but eventually I cleared it up with him and I decided to just put it down to them doing their due diligence.

All VIP tips are posted on H4HFT’s website which he gives everyone a password for to access the private parts.


H4HFT tips football, horse racing, basketball, ice hockey and baseball. I have never bet on baseball before so when I went to do one of his tips that included baseball I got a bit confused by some of the options Bet365 was giving me on the bet regarding pitchers. I asked H4HFT about it as I couldn’t see it on his bet slip, but he didn’t really explain it just repeated what bet to pick and then that it was void if those pitchers didn’t start.

This may sound incredibly insignificant to you, but if I pay for a tipster I do expect that they’ll give me the time of day if I have a question, this came across like H4HFT didn’t have time for me at all.

Where it really went downhill ?

I had no interaction with H4HFT after the above for 11 days. On the 14th June they started posting tweets about someone who had moaned about them winning a bet that wasn’t exactly tipped, I say exactly because it was put together from their ‘suggested’ bets.

Now, in this situation I wholeheartedly agree with the person who complained. Let’s get this straight:

If you are a VIP tipster, you shouldn’t post winning slips to your free twitter of bets that you didn’t actually tip. I don’t care if its a multiple bet you put together from your tips, or worse, a bet slip someone sent you that had nothing to do with your tips or they put together themselves from your tips…

You did not tip that multiple. You should not post it on your free page or anywhere claiming an awesome VIP win or put it on your P/L when in fact it was not a tip. I don’t care for this ‘suggested bet’ bollocks, you either tipped it or you didn’t.

Now that that’s out of the way, the tweets got worse, especially from my perspective having paid for VIP just 10 days prior:

Win with or without you…

Didn’t exactly fill me with ease.

The next day, more strange tweets. The outcome of which was that apparently someone in VIP was giving out H4HFT’s site password so others could see his tips without paying. Let me just say I don’t agree with that at all.

However, H4HFT decided that because he had found out 1 person was doing this that everyone in his VIP would have to suffer for it. He tweeted out this tirade…

I have a few points to make about these tweets:

  1. There are much better ways to find out who the leak is than withholding tips from other genuine people who have paid you for said tips.
  2. Threatening that nobody could get tips again to a VIP audience that have paid for your tips, is not a good move.
  3. H4HFT doesn’t need our money, making all VIP members feel valued and not like we could just be tossed away without a second thought.

After these tweets went out, H4HFT pretty much repeated the same in a group DM with the VIP members, saying some of us would get access but others wouldn’t but that doesn’t stop them from making money themselves. Obviously people complained, H4HFT clearly couldn’t see why or give a damn and stopped replying.

Great customer service.

Whilst that group DM was going on, H4HFT DM’s me directly saying he believed me to be innocent in it all so it shouldn’t be a problem.

The next day no tips were posted. Then in the evening, they posted that days tips after they had taken place and apparently they were big winners.

So I messaged them and asked where the tips were. After being told I was believed to be innocent and so having tips shouldn’t be a problem the day before I was now told they had to be sure I wasn’t leaking tips and that the “next roll out” was coming.

You can have a refund if you don’t ask for one

I didn’t reply. A few hours later H4HFT tweeted that if people weren’t happy with the situation they would refund the VIP payment. Great! I thought some saving grace amongst all the ?… I was wrong. See for yourself:

Well done if you can make sense of what they were saying, because I sure as hell can’t. It’s clear that H4HFT had no intention of giving anyone a refund. I obviously can’t say for sure that they did or did not give anyone else one, but from the response I had I very much doubt it.

It went from giving me a refund, to giving me half a refund, to H4HFT changing their mind, to telling me that the refunds offered in the tweet didn’t apply to monthly memberships… where’s that emoji again??

This was the last interaction I had with H4HFT. There was just no point in me talking to them. I’ve remained in their twitter to see how things have been going. I haven’t been placing any bets, not that I’ve had access to them to do so.

Since those messages, H4HFT stopped posting his horse tips on his website and took down the pages. I don’t know who he sent them to but I certainly wasn’t one of them. I would get notifications like this daily where H4HFT would post the tips publicly after they had taken place on their website as you can see from the time:

Funnily enough, yesterday H4HFT began posting the tips to us VIP’s in another group DM on twitter. I have a feeling this could be because it’s now July and he may have more victims members. But that meant that from the 15th June to the 29th, they didn’t. At least not to me, and I didn’t get a refund. Some other tips such as football acca’s were posted from time to time, but I just ignored everything H4HFT put out from that point on.

Update: The Reaction

Well, I think you’d join me in saying that the reaction I got from H4HFT just proves everything I had to say and then some:


100% Avoid

Conclusion & Verdict

I absolutely do not recommend H4HFT. And I hope that if you read all of the above, you came to that conclusion yourself.

They have no respect for the people that pay them for their tips.
Lesson to be learned: do not get dragged in by huge claims, especially when you can't validate them.

  • Do they keep a satisfactory profit & loss sheet? 20%
  • Do they back their own tips and show proof? 40%
  • Do they suggest tips based on a bankroll system? 50%
  1. Strauss says

    He calls himself Cee. Look, Mr Cee is a FRAUD! *check my pinned tweet* I was one of the very vocal voices in his VIP. He put so much fear into everyone and made himself unapproachable but sadly for him, he couldn’t get me to shut up.

    He puts up tips and when the first one fails he puts up another but this time he does so for himself alone. When the personal make up tip wins, he adds it to his monthly profit and loss. Who does that?

    When I eventually questioned him last month, this time I was ready for him to do his worst. The idiot, he kicked me off and blocked me. I now used my twitter page @civilisedparrot to do as much damage and awesomeness as I can for the benefit of the public.

    The monthly profit and loss he posts are very fake. Just like you said, he has 9000+ followers on his main page but less than 40 in VIP. That in itself is enough.

    1. CJ says

      Yeah I was there when he blocked you. Just another shit thing to do when someone has some criticism.

      Clearly one to stay away from.

      1. Strauss says

        I never got a refund from him. I paid for 1 year! January- April.. we made huge losses. He never had the nerves to explain to his paying customers. May – June a few wins maybe 3 before he posted that win that got mad and I confronted him..

        RESULT! – he blocked me. I took to my twitter page with my bogus account to tweet his passwords and tips. I am still in the VIP but on a low. However this time, I’ll shut him down. If anyone knows him.. they should tell him to give me back my balance.

        He feels he can stand up with people. I bet Mrs Cee won’t figure him out when I’m done with him. He is a very arrogant egotic fool.

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