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The Current State of Reviews

As you might already know, I haven’t reviewed any tipsters for several months. In fact, my last review was almost a year ago (!) now in August 2017.

That review really tired me out. Not just because of how bad the tipster was but because of how much time I spent gathering all of the data that I put into it to make it as detailed as it is. And believe me or not, the amount of time I was dedicating to these reviews ended up having a detrimental effect on my day job. So I decided to take a break with the intention of doing some more after it, but here we are almost a year later with no new reviews.

Enter Tipstrr

If you haven’t heard of Tipstrr, here’s how they describe themselves:

Tipstrr is a free betting tips service that offers football tips, horse racing tips, professional tipsters and free tips

I have used their service in the past to follow tipsters so I have some experience of how they work. They recently got in touch with me asking if I’d like to review tipsters that use their platform, but I can’t talk about that without getting the next point out of the way.


The dreaded word. If you know me, then you know my stance on tipsters that are also affiliates and have a direct benefit from people losing bets. If you don’t, then this article pretty much covers it.

By reviewing tipsters on Tipstrr, I am going to become an affiliate of theirs. I am going to be completely honest you you regarding this as and what it means.


I will get access to tipsters that I want to review for free, for the period of time that I spend reviewing them.


If someone who reads my review of a tipster who uses Tipstrr and decides they want to try them out and follows a link from this site, I will get a 30% commission for the cost of the tipsters membership (if they have one, there are free tipsters on Tipstrr also). So for example if a tipster charges £19 per month I would get £5.70. I’ll also get the same commission on renewals within 3 months of expiry.

If you haven’t got an account on Tipstrr and decide to register following a link on this site, I’ll get 50p.

And that’s it.

You sell out!

No. I am not selling out, but I know that there are some out there that will see this and think exactly that. That’s fine, but let me explain my position.

I have made it 100% clear to Tipstrr that I will always be completely honest in my reviews. If I don’t think a tipster on their platform is good or are worth their cost then I will tell you in my review.

Tipstrr are confident that there won’t be any negative reviews, because all bets and results are verified it’s very hard for bad tipsters not to stick out and likely not survive on their platform. But if I come across one in a review, I will not recommend them.

Don’t get me wrong, any money that comes my way from reviews will be nice – but that’s not why I’m doing them. It’s a benefit, but there’s also another benefit I haven’t discussed yet.

If you go on a tipsters profile on Tipstrr, you can see all of their previous tips and a mass of statistics based on their results. This was one of the biggest blockers to me doing more reviews, having to gather all of this information myself. Reviewing tipsters where I already have access to that information is going to save me a huge amount of time. I will have access to the bets in an easy access to list rather than having to have twitter/telegram notifications on for example and stopping what I’m doing to write down everything.

But that doesn’t mean that I’ll slack in these reviews either. I am still going to be keeping my own spreadsheet for each tipster I review, which will include my own analysis of their results. If I find any discrepancies between my analysis and Tipstrr’s, then I will report it to you (and them).

So that’s it. I don’t know when the first review will be out, I review for a minimum of 1 month at least. And I haven’t picked who I’ll be reviewing yet. In fact, if you want to go and take a look on Tipstrr and let me know who you’d like to see reviewed then let me know by commenting here or on Twitter and I’ll have a look at them.

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